Forest protection

Sweden has created a database that reflects the value of forests in the country

A comprehensive picture of nature values ​​across Sweden is provided by a database created by the staff of the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU), reports SVT Nyheter Jämtland on November 2.

For the first time in Sweden, a database has appeared that gives a comprehensive picture of the natural values ​​​​of the country’s forests. The database shows for each hectare a value rating from very low to high values. Natural and old forests that have never been cut down are of high value.

“The database confirms the fears of many that natural forests are about to disappear,” commented SLU Professor Per Angelstam, who helped develop the database, commented on the researchers’ work.

The reason for the creation of the base was the lack of knowledge about natural values. It helps to understand where forests deserve protection and where conservation efforts should be made. The idea is that landowners can be compensated to protect high conservation value forests.

The database was developed with the financial support of the Swedish Environment Agency. Its creation was completed in the summer, and work is currently underway to compile the report. The decision on how the base will be used and who will have access to it will be made later.