Closed-cycle economics

Wherever possible, we conserve resources in the Caterpillar value chain through the circular flow of materials, energy and water.

The focus on developing better systems optimises the use of resources, maximises the overall lifecycle value of our products and minimises the cost of ownership for customers. Looking at equipment through a total life cycle lens enables sustainable development for the benefit of communities, the environment and the economy.

Caterpillar is committed to providing customers with quality equipment that will provide the greatest economic benefit to their business. Our Remanufacturing (Reman) and Overhaul facilities provide customers with not only immediate cost savings, but also help to extend the life cycle and use materials more efficiently.

Remanufactured and refurbished components

Cat Reman® programmes provide customers with cheaper products, reduced downtime and quicker, more reliable service options.

Cat Reman, a leader in remanufacturing technologies and processes, returns products at the end of their useful life to like-new condition. This helps customers reduce ownership and operating costs by providing a quality similar to a new part at a fraction of the original cost. Through the remanufacturing process, Caterpillar reduces waste, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes the need for raw materials.

Remanufacturing programs extend the life of the equipment by providing customers with product upgrades at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Rebuild programs include Cat® Certified Rebuild, Cat® dealer rebuilds, Solar Turbines and Progress Rail Services. The Cat Certified Rebuild program offers more than 350 inspections and checks, auto-replacement of nearly 7,000 parts and the same warranty as a new machine. In addition, work is performed by qualified dealer service technicians using genuine equipment and parts. Caterpillar provides information, data, training tools and maintenance tools to make it easier for dealers to make the best decisions on which parts to reuse to achieve the expected life of the remanufactured components. Reusing components helps to use materials and energy more efficiently.

Remanufacturing and overhaul programmes enable customers to get the most out of their equipment by

  • maximising efficiency;
  • Improved reliability and uptime;
  • Efficiency and productivity;
  • a warranty equal to that of new equipment;
  • Increased return on investment for your customers;
  • providing a variety of repair options to meet customer service needs;
  • providing a higher resale value to customers;
  • ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership and operation over the whole life cycle;
  • conserving most of the energy and materials required to manufacture an original component or machine.