big rocks and a road trip.

Well,  I'm already on the road.  Currently sitting in the morning light, on the westside of Providence, Rhode Island.  I love Rhode Island.  After living in Asheville, this was the first place that I embarked on nesting, completely alone.  I came up here without knowing anyone, how to get or around the city, or what to expect, and after a few tough, lonely weeks,  I began to encounter all sorts of magic.  Since I was so new to New England, everything felt so intimate, like I was a child discovering everything for the first time.  Coming back here, it brings back all of those warm feelings.  I stopped by and gazed at the top floor of the little green house (this was the outside )I used to live in,  have been getting wispy upon seeing the parks I used to dwell in, and all sorts of nostalgia when walking into the bakery I used to spend most of my time.  Most importantly, I have been visiting the people I met who still live here.  After seeing a childhood friend in Boston,  a friend I met in Asheville in Cambridge, and then the Providence friends - I'm reminded of the ways I've changed, the different ways I've connected with people.  I have a special, appreciative feeling for everyone I've met, and it feels good to take the time to see them.

Anyway, these are some photos from a stream in Vermont, with the current friends.  The stream curves and then there are large rocks that jut out or emerge from the stream.  They're the perfect size for jumping off.  Hopefully will be putting up road trip photos soon!