the last, vashon island.

I lose track of the date and time - the days blow by so quickly, my mind has hardly caught up to the long summer days approaching, that before I know it, my old life will resume in Vermont, everything abruptly the same, with all the magical moments from Victoria, like a dream, floating in the background.  But time is catching up and here we are, mid-June and my last time in Washington with my sweet sister-friend Melissa, before all my eyes see are the road ahead.  After doing our usual marinating in coffee shops and breakfast places we decided we go on a bicycle excursion and, blindly pointing our fingers on a map, we decided: Vashon Island.  

And what a great decision - it was so fun to bike onto the ferry and have really no idea what the destination is.  We were met with a long and gradual hill to bike into town, hard work, but the payoff being a view of wooden island homes with sweet window boxes, and groups of does grazing in the front yard.  Sunday evening means that Vashon Island is quiet, but we did manage to find Snapdragon, the most charming rustic bakery, to rest and share dinner, and, I mean, chocolate cupcakes.

And you gotta take time to respectfully explore around the abandoned houses, especially when the overlook the water and hillside homes of Seattle, just beyond.

I'm going to miss this girl.