road trip road trip.

A 4 day weekend and a spontaneous new friend led to a road trip to the interior of British Colombia!  Caroline and I had both heard all of these wonderful things about Nelson, B.C. which usually ended with the person saying, "honestly, you won't want to leave".  So, we arranged for places to stay and hit the road.  It was an 8 hour trip, but the journey ended up being just as beautiful as the final destination.   We meandered through small mountain towns, valleys, prairies - one moment we would be surrounded by dry and grassy plains with the sun beating down on us and the next there was only evergreen with rivers running through it and a covering of snow.  The only constant was the endless layering of mountain ranges, more beautiful than I'd ever seen.  Caroline is Brazilian, so it was fun to watch her get so excited about seeing snow, which had become sort of became commonplace for me, coming from Vermont.  Looking out the window, my eyes never got bored, and really with all of the sun, and no road troubles to be had, there was nothing to do but to look up and be thankful.