an ode.

All right, I was really bad at photographing this weekend, but just trust me when I say that it was filled with good things: fireplaces, hot apple cider, laughs, the picture game, a skype date with my brother, exploring, and, and, and.  Anyway, last night I put on some Devendra and really started to miss my old home, this place called Asheville, NC. So, go sit out on your porch, drink some weird tea in a mason jar, put on some Nick Drake, and look at these photos.

i miss: picnics in the botanical gardens and this enchanting lady (SO MUCH)

granola at Tupelo Honey and milkshakes at the Chocolate Lounge with this ^^ lovely lady.

sneaking breakfast into the art lecture

just laughing and experimental baking in my kitchen,

house izzy's!!

shared breakfast at the corner kitchen (please go there)(favorite day)

photo excursions at warren wilson

when this amazing lady would come visit (exactly one year ago!)

and more photo excursions/late night ice-cream runs at the Hop with Sara!
What I'm saying is that if you've never been to Asheville you should go.  And now I am in a wispy state of nostalgia.